League of Women Voters of Utah 2017-18 Program


The program for the League of Women Voters provides the framework for focus and work in the coming year. The program has been divided into priority issues and monitor issues. Priority issues will be focused works requiring a dedicated committee. Monitored issues will be watched and action will be taken if needed. National and Utah League studies and positions allow us to act on any issue where we have a position even if it is not part of our program for the year. This allows flexibility needed to respond to new issues that arise in the community and at the legislature.  In doing our work we want to work collaboratively with like-minded organizations.


  1. Program Priorities
    1. Promote voter education and participation in the election process, focusing on the candidate selection process, getting out the vote, and gathering information about mail-in ballots.
    2. Promote transparency in government, including:
      1. Observing and reporting to members and the public on General Sessions and Interim Meetings of the Utah Legislature.
      2. Monitoring and protecting Utah’s GRAMA laws.
    3. Promoting League positions at the Legislature
    4. Actively participate in efforts to establish a bipartisan advisory redistricting commission and principles for redistricting for the 2021 redistricting process. Update the LWV Utah Redistricting Study (1980).
    5. Promote a sustainable lifestyle to preserve a Utah environment beneficial to life, emphasizing air quality, energy issues, transportation, public land, water, seismic issues and climate change.
    6. Promote community awareness of health care with, with emphasis on:
      1. care for the underinsured and uninsured
      2. support for full Medicaid expansion in the State of Utah
    7. Monitor and promote justice reinvestment including sentencing reform, drug courts to reduce incarceration rates, programs to prepare inmates to successfully return to society, expanding mental health treatment and parole reform.
    8. Study how Utah agriculture land is used including what is grown and used or exported and use of water.
    9. Study Ranked Choice Voting.


Monitor and Act As Needed

    1. Monitor revisions to Utah’s election laws that ensure the integrity of elections that use electronic voting equipment and mail-in ballots.
    2. Monitor campaign finance reform with a primary focus on campaign contribution limits for candidates for State offices.
    3. Monitor the processes for selecting candidates for State office. (Monitor the  candidate selection process enacted by the 2014 Legislature.)
    4. Monitor Utah’s citizen initiative process
    5. Promote a tax system that is fair and transparent.
    6. Monitor issues of the Utah public education system, focusing on curriculum, elective, fiscal and governance matters.
    7. Monitor the implementation of the new Utah State Prison and support improvements to prison programs.
    8. Promote social and economic justice, secure equal rights for all, and combat discrimination and poverty.