Read The League of Women Voters of Utah Bylaws


Catherine Weller
Catherine WellerCo-President of LWV Utah

The Co-Presidents serve as the spokespersons for the League and act as the primary liaison between local leagues and LWVUS.

Vickie Samuelson
Vickie SamuelsonLWV Utah Co-president

The Co-Presidents also set priorities, delegate tasks, establish time tables for completion and successfully execute projects approved by the Board and by membership at annual State Convention.

Nickie Nelson
Nickie Nelson Vice President of Programs

The VP of Programs tracks LWVUS priorities through email and group list serves.  Serves as a liaison between local leagues and the Board to provide annual program recommendations. Coordinates program activities with study chairs and local league presidents.

Janice Gygi
Janice Gygi Vice President of Local Leagues

The VP of Local Leagues works with local league presidents, membership directors and unit organizers to sustain local league membership. Oversees the recruitment and sustainability of new local leagues. In collaboration with Communications Director, assists in the promotion of LWVUT program/project priorities with local leagues.

Mallory Bateman
Mallory BatemanSecretary

The Secretary prepares, distributes and corrects minutes of Board Meetings and Annual State Convention. Updates the LWVUT bylaws after changes have been voted upon at Convention. Tracks and advises Board on agenda items that are moved to future Board meetings.

Sally Aulakh
Sally AulakhTreasurer

The Treasurer prepares the LWVUT annual budget, reconciles receipts and disbursements made by the League Office Manager, in accordance with the annual budget. Prepares budget updates for Board meetings. Advises on projected budget needs.


Kathy Fitzgerald
Kathy Fitzgerald Development Director

The Development Director proposes and seeks funding for specific LWVUT projects and publications through all available development opportunities including, but not limited to fundraising events, solicitation letters, etc.

Ashley Jolin
Ashley JolinCommunications Director

The Communication Director, in consultation with the Board,  proposes, develops and implements communication campaigns in support of the LWVUT programs and priorities. Promotes the visibility of the LWVUT through social media and other media sources.

Jane Harrison
Jane HarrisonVoter Services Director

The Voter Services Director advises on the publication of the LWVUT voters guide and utilization, maintenance and promotion of the LWVUT’s VOTE 411 site.  Presents programs to interested audiences on voting and election processes.

Emily Walsh
Emily WalshLegislative Action Committee Co-Director

The Legislative Co-Directors propose the legislative priorities for the LWVUT and educate the Board, the membership and general public on legislative actions in which the League has an interest. They encourage participation in and monitor legislative interim committees.

This Could Be You
This Could Be YouLegislative Action Committee Co-Director

The Legislative Co-Directors develop, train and manage the Legislative Action Corp prior to and during the general session of the Utah State Legislature.  They recommend formal statements based on LWVUT and LWVUS positions to be used in lobbying efforts with the State Legislature and/or the Governor.


Charles BernardThe Voter Co-Editor

The Voter Co-Editor serves as an advisor to the Board on the content and publication of the League newsletter The Utah Voter.

Amy McCartyVoter Co-Editor

The Voter Co-Editor collaborates with the Board and Communication Director on the League’s website content, format and updates.

Tina HoseLeadership Consultant

The Board Leadership Consultant serves as an advisor on Board and/or individual leadership practices.  Utilizes LWVUS resources to encourage the development of new and current Board members.  As requested, facilitates committee and group decision making work.

Peggy CarricoNominating Chair

The Nominating Chair is filled by the previous LWVUT Board President. Throughout the year that follows their term, they identify future League leaders. They present  a slate of officers and directors at annual State Convention to fill upcoming Board vacancies. Promotes service on the board.

Trixi SiegerLeague Office Manager

The League Office Manager, under the general supervision of both the LWVSL and LWVUT Presidents, performs a variety of skilled office support duties while serving as a central point of contact for League business.  Maintains data bases, pays bills as authorized by treasurers and/or Presidents. In coordination with the Board Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer maintains League hard copy and electronic records.