Donate To The Utah League

Donations to League of Women Voters of Utah, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, are tax-deductible and support the following projects:

  • Your Legislative Action Corps – League members who follow the Capitol and Legislature carefully and take action when position and support allow. The Action Team also reports to membership through publication of Legislative Action Alerts provided during the annual sessions.
  • Promotion of good government practices through testimony and other methods. Good government practices include:
    • Fiscal responsibility of state government
    • Adequate funding of government services
    • Citizen involvement in the legislative process
  • Administration of services to local Leagues and League members
  • Office space and equipment available for use to local Leagues and League members

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Help Strengthen Our Democracy Through Advocacy and Education

Our donors are critical partners in creating a government that is responsive to the will of Utahns. Your gift is important to us as we work on the critical public policy issues that are being addressed by our elected officials. Your gift will help us educate, advocate and reform by empowering Utahns to have their voice heard.

The League of Women Voters of Utah never sells its donor lists.