This year, redistricting reform was on the minds and agendas of every League in the state, and perhaps by the time you read this newsletter, we will know the outcome of Proposition 4 on the ballot. We expect it to be positive. A June poll showed that voters favor the initiative 61 percent to 22 percent.

Each League helped gather signatures to get the initiative before the voters. The Utah League secured a grant to publicize and move the issue forward. And of course, our stalwart Legislative Action Corps is ready to continue the fight on the Hill if legislators try to dismantle the law. The Salt Lake League took a page from the League of Women Voters of
Asheville-Buncome County, N.C., which last year held the first Gerrymander 5K run and walk in the country. Since then, Leagues in Missouri and Raleigh, N.C. have followed suit. Asheville created a Facebook resource group from which Salt Lake drew heavily to create our own Gerry-Meander 5K on Saturday, Sept 29.

We did not go into this with the idea of making money, but rather to get out the vote in support of an independent advisory commission to the Legislature. Still, some 150 people signed up, participated in and had a blast in our first-ever 5K. You can see from the photo above how “puzzling” gerrymandering can be. Needless to say, this kind of event is out of the League’s normal comfort zone, but be assured the League of Women Voters plans to continue pushing the envelope toward good government and democratic ideals in the future.