The proposed Inland Port in Salt Lake City’s Northwest Quadrant was the subject of lively discussions across the valley and up to Park City at September’s League of Women Voters of Salt Lake unit meetings. Speakers from the Coalition for Inland Port Reform, a group of community organizations which now includes the Salt Lake League, summarized the unanswered questions surrounding the proposal. Topping their concerns are the port’s effect on air quality, the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, quality of life in surrounding communities, and the lack of accountability written into the structure of the Port Authority.
In addition to these issues, unit members added their own thoughts and concerns to the conversation. These concerns included planning for infrastructure and future growth on Salt Lake City’s west side, the encouragement of competition in rail shipping, requirements for clean energy, the protection of surrounding communities from noise pollution, how to protect vulnerable populations living in the area, questions about the economic viability of the port, how to ensure accountability and transparency, and more.
The Salt Lake League thanks Dorothy Owen, Deeda Seed, and David Scheer, co-founders of the Coalition for Inland Port Reform, for giving their time to expand our understanding of the Inland Port proposal. Armed with this awareness, we are now well-positioned to address these critical issues as they develop.