Agriculture in Utah (2018)

A LWV of Utah Study

Statement of Purpose: A study of Utah agriculture was initiated with an appreciation of farming and ranching lifestyles, the esthetic values of farms and farmland, and a community-expressed preference for eating food grown locally. We began our research with concern for the future of Utah farming and ranching and whether it will be a viable occupation in the future, and with skepticism about resident’s hopes for food sustainability and the ability to grow enough food to sustain a growing population. Not all the information sought was found, but you will see data on crops and animal products, agriculture industry’s contribution to the state economy, challenges to the future of farming and ranching, and strategies for preserving agriculture.

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In Partnership With Envision Utah

Three in four Utahns believe that farming and ranching are critical to the state, but some of Utah’s best agricultural lands face enormous pressure to be converted into housing, businesses, and communities. The Utah County Agriculture Toolbox is a set of tools and strategies that can help agriculture thrive in the entire state of Utah.

Envision Utah has spent more than a year working with farmers, county leaders, developers, agriculture experts and others to identify tools and strategies to protect and preserve agriculture in Utah County. These strategies, which include best practices and more, will help Utahns understand what needs to be done to achieve their vision for Utah’s agriculture.

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