The League of Women Voters Statement on the Inland Port

The League of Women Voters has long worked for the citizen's right to know and for broad citizen participation in government. We believe that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation at all levels of government. The League further believes that governmental bodies must protect the citizen's right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible.

With that the League requests that each member of the Inland Port Board file a Conflict of Interest Statement and that those filings be made public as soon as possible. The broad powers granted the Inland Port Board and the controversy surrounding its inception make it essential that the public know the interests of each Board member and that Board members are following the Utah Public Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act.

The League believes that public understanding and cooperation are essential to the responsible and responsive management of our nation's natural resources. The public has a right to know about pollution levels, dangers to health and the environment, and proposed resource management policies and options. The public has a right to participate in decision-making at each phase in the process and at each level of government involvement. Officials should make a special effort to develop readily understandable procedures for public involvement and to ensure that the public has adequate information to participate effectively. Public records should be readily accessible at all governmental levels. Adequate funding is needed to ensure opportunities for public education and effective public participation in all aspects of the decision-making process.

The appropriate level of government should publicize, in an extensive and timely manner and in readily available sources, information about pollution levels, pollution-abatement programs, and resource management policies and options. Hearings should be held in easily accessible locations, at convenient times and, when possible, in the area concerned. The hearing procedures and other opportunities for public comment should actively encourage citizen participation in decision-making.

The League supports public education that provides a basic understanding of the environment and the social, economic and environmental costs and benefits of environmental protection, pollution control and conservation.
Mechanisms for citizen appeal must be guaranteed, including access to the courts. Due process rights for the affected public and private parties must be assured. Thank you

Speaking as a private citizen, this is what concerns me as a resident of the impacted area, there are no air quality monitors in the very west end of West Valley City or Magna, so there is no baseline information to help measure how bad the impact is going to be once the Inland Port gets going. We all know when the air is bad but with the large number of deaths that occur because of bad air, we need air quality monitors in those areas.