League of Women Voters
of Grand County

Moab, Utah

Board: Jean Binyon, Karen Robinson, Cynthia Smith
PO Box 205
Moab, Utah 84532

When the Grand County Clerk announced that voting would be solely by mail-in ballots, there were several questions raised about the process and its impact on ballot secrecy.

To get a better understanding, the League talked with personnel from a County Clerk's office that had already managed mail-in elections, the local postmaster to find out how the ballots would be received, postmarked and transferred to the County Clerk's Office, and on several occasions with the Grand County Clerk's Office to get full details on how they would be collecting, storing, recording and counting ballots.
We took the results from the various interviews and summarized the data to a size suitable for printing a double-sided three-fold flyer. These flyers will be widely distributed throughout the County. Download a copy of Grand County's NEW Vote-By-Mail Requirements

To read more about the steps we went through to create the brochure, download Grand County Vote-By-MAIL (Absentee) Process


The Forum offers the opportunity for the public to hear candidates' positions on issues important to the community. Questions asked are selected from those submitted by members of the public and League members and are not disclosed to the candidates in advance. There is also the opportunity to personally question a candidate at the social period following the forum.

We expect the participation of candidates for eight contested races; the State House of Representatives (two districts), three county council positions, County Clerk/auditor, County Treasurer and one local school board district. To see the contests in which Grand County voters may participate in see 2014 Election Candidates - Grand County

This year's Candidates Forum is being held earlier than in previous years due to the County's adoption of a vote-by-mail election. Ballots are mailed 28 days before the election, which means voting starts somewhere around the second week of October. To give voters more time to consider their choices of candidates, and to allow time for voters who are unable to attend the Forum to view it on television or the website provided by Omni Productions, we moved that date up from the usual Columbus Day in October to the last week of September.

This will be the League's twenty-seventh Forum.

League of Women Voters Candidates Forum
Monday, September 29, 7 PM
- Social following the Forum
The MARC (Moab Arts & Recreation Center)
111 E 100 N

For important election related dates, see 2014 Election and Registration Dates




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